Chairman's Choice AwardsFirst Annual Chairman's Choice Awards took place at CSO Architects. These awards were chosen by 15 guest judges. MORE...

Jackson's Room

Eight Interior Designers from CSO Architects helped The Samantha House Foundation with this year's house for the Miller Family. MORE...

Josh Hat
At this year's CSO Annual Thanksgiving meal Nick VanWieren won best dessert and Jeannie Marrugo won best presentation . MORE...

CANstruction 2012CSO Architects and ERMCO, Inc. are proud to have the opportunity to celebrate Indiana’s heritage and official state motto as “The Crossroads of America”. MORE...

Corporate Challenge Logo CSO Architects participated once again in 2012 Indiana Sports Corporation's Corporate Challenge. MORE...

Due to a small challenge that was given to the CSO employees of 90% of employee participation on Sneaker Day, Tim Jeffers, Jeff Olson, and Alan Tucker had to wear fatigues while running 2 miles (40 laps) on the track that circles the open workspace area in the CSO office.   MORE...

CSO Architects values our strong commitment to the following professional affiliations/organizations:

Community Involvement:

•    Arts Council of Indianapolis
•    Carmel Chamber of Commerce
•    Columbus Chamber of Commerce
•    Canstruction
•    Conexis Indiana
•    Families First
•    Indiana Democratic Party
•    Indiana Republican Party
•    Indiana School for the Deaf
•    Indiana Sports Corporation (Corporate Challenge)
•    Indiana Chamber of Commerce
•    Indiana Convention and Visitors Association
•    Indianapolis Black Chamber of Commerce
•    Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce
•    Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.
•    Indianapolis Economic Development Corporation
•    Indy Partnership
•    Johnson County Development Corporation
•    Kiwanis
•    Marion County Democratic Party
•    Marion County Republican Party
•    Rotary Club of Indianapolis
•    United Way